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Cameron Interiors becomes the first employee
owned kitchen design company in the UK

Ending the Year on a High

Our dedicated Cameron Interiors team have been given full control of their futures, becoming the first kitchen design company in the UK to be employee-owned.

Founded in 1979, Managing Director Kirsten Robeson and her husband Ian have enjoyed running the successful and ever-growing business since 1997.  It has since grown to a team of 12 across the two locations, supported by our dedicated and trusted installation team, some of whom have been with the business for more than 40 years.

In planning for retirement, a trade sale was considered and quickly rejected with Kirsten and Ian instead choosing to entrust and empower their dedicated team who have been pivotal to the success of the business.

Kirsten, who has been with the company since leaving college in 1993, said: “This is my chance to ‘pay it forward’ to a brilliant team that have enabled us to cement our position in the market and allow us all to look forward to a bright future.

“Designing kitchens at this upper end of the market is a deeply personal process and the people and the service are as essential as the unwavering quality of the product.

“The notion of selling to a trade buyer was a non-starter, as so much would be put at risk. When I found out about employee-ownership I was intrigued – and huge thanks to Linzi Wilson of Consilium for guiding us through the process as smoothly as possible.”

All shares of Cameron Interiors have now been placed into an Employee Ownership Trust with staff immediately becoming beneficiaries. In time, all employees can benefit from an annual share of any profits.

To ensure a smooth transition, Kirsten will remain MD for the medium term, fully supporting and advising the business before ultimately retiring with Ian to spend more time with their family. She will also take a seat on the Trust Board alongside Edinburgh manager Louise Delaney, who has many years’ experience working to grow the business and has played a crucial role in its east coast expansion. Aileen Wilson will remain Glasgow store manager, having played an integral role in the management team.

Cameron Interiors is special. More than a company we are a work family.  A team of experienced and talented individuals, collaborating and striving for excellence in creative design, quality and customer experience.  Cameron Interiors is in the hands of the very people best placed to look after the business. 

We embrace this opportunity and look forward to the smooth transition for our clients as we continue in our work and dedication to grow our business and deliver an exceptional customer experience for all our loyal clients.

Truly bespoke and with more than 40 years history, the Cameron Interiors ethos and story can continue for generations to come.